Gaurav Dahal


Hello, my name is Gaurav Dahal. I am a former student of Philosophy at the University of Maryland. I dropped out of college to come to Nepal to build Taruka Technologies.

During my University days, I was involved in student advocacy and activism with a public interest research group, MaryPIRG, where I served as treasurer. I also served as a member of the Student Government’s legislative body, debating bills and organizing events for the student body. From organizing a march for affordable textbooks, to meeting with Senators and Congresspeople, I have used my advocacy and activism skills to fight for more affordable textbooks. I was a member of UMD’s Philosophy Club, spending many hours debating interesting ideas in Philosophy. Studying Philosophy has helped me build a framework for understanding the complexities of our world. It has also reinforced my ability to use language to convey complex ideas. At University, I developed skills that gave me the confidence to take the bold step of not only dropping out to build a company, but to do so in Nepal, a country poor in nominal wealth but rich in potential wealth.

Dissatisfied with the way Nepalis do agriculture, enamored by the potential of electric mobility, and optimistic about Nepal’s energy landscape, I dropped out of college to start this venture. I am passionate about Taruka to create a meaningful product for our consumers. I believe the downstream implications of Taruka Tech. and its products will fundamentally change Nepal’s economy for the better.

Rasbin Lamichhane

Mechanical Engineer/Lead Researcher

Rashbin Lamichhane graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University. He is knowledgeable and experienced in product design, research and documentation, human resources management, vector content creation, and organizational operation. He is passionate about the automobile industry, clean energy, Space, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.

He has worked as the Director of Operations at Mahtong Agro Farm and Recreational Center Pvt. Ltd and served in its Board of Directors. He has done an internship in product design and development for Yatri Motorcycles. He was a part of Moon Village–Participation of Emerging Space Countries (MVA-PESC), a project carried under Nepalese Space Research Association (NESRA). He has worked as the regional ambassador at Thought for Food, solely representing Nepal to take part in OpenIDEO, an event held jointly by the Food System Game Changers Lab. Rashbin’s experiences leading and participating in these various organizations makes him a well-rounded engineer as well as leader, manager and visionary.

Rashbin will bring his experience in technical, research and organizational activities to Taruka Technologies’ product development team. At Taruka, Rashbin hopes to bring a better working environment and create innovative technologies to generate the best solutions to help accomplish the company's vision of electrifying Nepal’s transport, mobility and agriculture.

Bishnu Pandey

Mechanical Engineer/Lead Designer

My name is Bishnu Pandey. I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Kathmandu University with a specialization in automobiles. I have gained experience in research, product design and fabrication by doing various projects and industrial internships in university. I am energetic and dedicated toward my work and ready to face new challenges. I have a keen interest in automobiles and green technologies.

From 2019 to 2020, I worked as a design and fabrication member in an international go-kart competition held at Lovely Professional University in Punjab, India. I was a fabrication and management member in Team ‘Junkiri’. Our aim was to make an economical vehicle powered by petrol to compete in Shell Eco Marathon 2020-2021. My final year paper titled, “Techno-Economic Assessment of Pilot Testing of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in Nepal”, was supervised by the green hydrogen lab of Kathmandu University. For this paper, I have researched alternative energy sources for transport and mobility in Nepal. Moreover, I worked on Pneumatic Engines as a freshman. These experiences at University have given me the ability to take bold steps and develop leadership skills. I always try to utilize my theoretical engineering knowledge to contribute to society.

I will be doing research, design and analysis with Taruka Tech’s product development team. I will be fully dedicated to achieving Taruka’s mission of powering the Nepali agriculture sector with affordable, reliable and innovative technologies.

Pujan Bhatta

Consultant/Software Developer

My name is Pujan Bhatta. I am currently living in Canada. I am a lead senior full stack software developer at CSI Dry Eye. I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Information Security. I have experience in software development and project management. I am skilled in tools such as Angular, AWS, Firebase, Javascript, html and css along with various other cloud technologies and programming languages.

From January 2018 to August 2018 I worked as a software developer intern with the Government of Canada. My main task was to build a internal management tool for the team leaders. From September 2018 to January 2020 I worked at Stream Data System as the lead full stack developer, training new recruits, building infrastructures and softwares. In 2018, I was the student of the year at the University of Calgary in the faculty of science. From January 2020, I have been working with CSI Dry Eye. We are building a medical software to standardize the Dry Eye disease field in North America and Europe. My role is to lead a team of software developers to build solutions. I design and plan the projects and assign it to my team members to deliver a robust product.

I will be helping Taruka with their website and any other software needs. I will also be assisting the CEO in project management and long term planning. I am passionate about my involvement because I want Taruka to drive Nepal into a greener future while improving the nation's GDP.